1979        MFA - California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
1977        BFA - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Academic Experience

2002 to Present:  Professor of Art, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle WA
1990 - 2002: Professor of Art, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

Solo Exhibitions

2016        After Images, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica CA
2010        The Western Wall, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica CA
2009        The Western Wall, Seattle Pacific Art Center Gallery, Seattle WA
2005        Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2001        Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2000        Blackbridge Hall Gallery, Georgia College& State U., Milledgeville, GA
1997        Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1994        Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1989        Asher/Faure Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1987        Asher/Faure Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1985        Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA
1984        Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA
1981        LAICA, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016      ART& SPIRIT, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, CA
2016      Search For Meaning, Vachon Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle WA  
2015      Post-It 11, GiantRobot2, Los Angeles, CA
2014       Signs of Life, Sturt Haaga Gallery (Descanso Gardens), Pasadena, CA
              “Storytellers” The Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery, Biola University, La Mirada, CA
2009       “The Interior Castle, Journies of Faith and Reflections ” Holy Family Book Store, South Pasadena, CA
2009       “Self Absorbed: An Exhibition of Contemporary Self Portraiture” Seattle Pacific Art Center (SPAC) Gallery, Seattle, WA
2007       “Hope: Open/Close”, SPAC Gallery, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
               The Luck of the Draw”, Lora Schlesinger, Santa Monica CA
                The S Word”, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles, CA
               Eclectic Vision”, The Archer School Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
2006       “The S Word”, Judson Studio Gallery, Los Angeles, CA;
               “Likeness”, Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
2005       “Passion/Passover: Artists of Faith Interpret Their Holy Days”, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles, Los Angeles, CA;
               Drawing Studies & Painting” The Judson Gallery, Pasadena, CA.
2004      “Drawings” Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica CA; “
               Faculty Show”, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle WA;
               “Bodily Notions”, Glendale College, Glendale CA.
2003       “LA Post Cool”, Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles CA;
2004       “Faculty Show”, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA; “LA Post Cool”, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA..
2002       “Faculty Show”, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
2001       “Representing LA”, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA; Occidental College;
               “ The Importance of Being Ernest”, Los Angeles, CA, Curated by Micheal Duncan;
              “Representing LA”, South Texas Institute of Art, Corpus Christie, TX.
2000      “Representing LA”, Frye Art Museum Seattle, WA;
              "The Changing Face of Portraiture”, Chapman University, Orange, Ca.
1999      “Marks and Beyond”, Mount San Antonio College, CA.
1998      “Group Show”, Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, New York, NY;
               "Transfiguration”, Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
1996      “Seeking Balance”, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA;
               “Still Life, Still Here”, Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA;
               “Burning Lights”, Hearst Art Gallery, Moraga, CA.
1995      “Burning Lights”, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA;
               "The Ladies of Tortue”, Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA;
               “Spiritual Inquiries”, Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL;
               "Burning Lights”, Biola University, La Mirada, CA.
1994      “The Art Cup”, Garth Clark Gallery, Los Angeles, CA;
               "Burning Lights”, LaBand Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA;
               "Sacred and Profane”, Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA;
               "Fiction”, Parnas Gallery, Santa Monica, CA;
               "Serious Beauty”, Stuart Katz Loft, Laguna Beach, CA.
1993      “Light and Space”, Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA;
               “Appraising the Preternatural”, Patricia Shea, Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
1992      “Personal Myths”, Marc Richards Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; “The Spiritual
               Landscape”, Biota Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
1989      “Group Show”, Nave Museum, Victoria, TX;
             “Art Against Aids”, Murray Feldman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
1988      “Group Show”, Judy Youens Gallery, Houston TX;
             “Alumni Show”, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA.
1987      “Miracles and Mysteries", Cal State Dominguez Hills, CA;
               "Faculty Show”, Cal State University, Northridge, CA.
1986       “Group Show”, Holly Solomon Gallery, New York, NY, (organized by Tom Solomon);
               “Fantastic Vision”, Simard Halm Gallery, Los Angeles, CA;
               “Art on Film”, Downey Museum, Downey, CA;
               “Faculty Show”, Cal State University, Northridge, CA.
1984       “Interiors/Exteriors”, Gensler & Ass., Los Angeles, CA;
               “Crime & Punishment”, Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA.
1983       “Painting of the Month”, LAICA, Los Angeles, CA (selected by Betty Asher).
1982       “Group Show” LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA;
               “Summer Small Works Show”, Swope Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
1981       “The Intimate Object”, Downtown Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

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Plates & Cover Art

2014          Book Cover Art, The Hermeneutics of Tradition: Explorations & Examinations, edited by Craig Hovey & Cyrus P.  Olsen, Wipf and Stock Publishing
2014          Renewal of Christian Theology: Systematic and Dogmatic Reconsiderations for a Global Christianity, by Amos Yong:  published by Baylor University Press. List of plates:   ‘Lily Among the Thistles’ 
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2000        CD Cover, Reluctant Hosts, Non Credo
1998         Album Cover, Reluctant Hosts, Non Credo
1990         Book Cover Art, The Book of Cups, Garth Clark, Abbeville Press, New York; Cross River Press

Significant Lectures and Panels

2015     Theology Between Art & The Body: A conversation with Dr. Willie James Jennings and Prof. Chelle Sterns, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle WA
2014     Razor’s Edge: At the Intersection of Art & Faith, Feb. 27-March.1 - Biola University, La Mirada CA
2013     Artists’ Talk, The Seattle School, Seattle WA
2012     Immanence & Transcendence in Art, Seattle Pacific University, UFND 3100: Theology &Art
2011     Iconic & Narrative: Looking at George Tooker, North Park University, Chicago IL
2010      Use of Color and Narrative in Painting, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA                
2010     Story Telling in Contemporary Art, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA
2009      Art & Theology, Guest Lecture for IMAGE sponsored event, Seattle, WA
2007     Face Down On Concrete: A Converstaion on Art, Theology, and Hope, (with Robert Deeble, Sean Dimond, Laura Lasworth, and Jennifer Maier), Seattle Pacifc University Art Center Gallery, Seattle WA
2007     An Evening with Lucy Shaw and Laura Lasworth, IMAGE Journal Event, Redmond, WA
2006     The Resurrection, Celebration Week 2006, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
2005     Artists Talk, Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, Painting’s Edge, Idylwilde, CA
2005     Plenary Speaker, IMAGE Glen Workshop, Guest Artist, Santa Fe NM
2003     Faith and Fiction in Painting, IMAGE Conference, Speaker, Seattle WA;
2003     The Day of Common Learning – “Art and Science: Similarities and Differences”, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA
2002     LA Post Cool, San Jose Museum of Art, (with Curator Michael Duncan and artists Ethan Acres, Sharon Ellis, Karen Carson, and Keith Skylar), San Jose, CA
2002   Art and Theology, presented to Theology Department, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle WA
2001      Artists Talk for Love's Lyric, Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica CA
2001      Art and Literature, Pasadena Center, Guest Speaker, Pasadena, CA
2001      Raphael and His Circle: Drawings from Windsor Castle; 'Point of View Series', The J. Paul Getty      Museum, Maibu CA
2001      Artist in Residence, Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA
2001   The Career/Vocation of the Catholic Artist, 'Sacred Arts Festival', Pasadena, CA    
2001     Panelist for exhibit, Marks and Beyond, Mount San Antonio College, San Antonio, CA
1998     Art Center College of Design, “The Song of Songs”, Pasadena, CA.
1997     Gallery talk for exhibit, The Habit of Being: A Portrait ofMiss Mystery and Manners, Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1997     Narrative in Painting, Panelist with Ruth Weisberg and Patty Wickman, Orange County     Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA ,
1996     Artists Talk, Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA,
1995     Burning Lights - Artists Talk, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA,
1994     Burning Lights - Artists Talk, La Band Art Gallery, LMU, Los Angeles, CA,
1987     Guest Speaker, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
1985     Guest Speaker, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA



2009        CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) Grand Gold Award in the overall category of “Photography and Illustration” for ‘Psalm 2007’, the cover
                illustration for “Hope” issue of Response magazine. The Grand Gold is the highest award possible in each of the overall competition categories and goes on to compete
                for the single Grand Crystal Award at February’s CASE District VIII conference. CASE awarded a Gold Award in this year’s communications competition to the Lilly Fellows
                Annual Conference program cover in the category of “Visual Design/Cover Design.” Another painting, ‘Will Seen, Will Said’ was the central feature of the design.
2008        Seattle Pacific University, Faculty Sabbatical (Time awarded to complete a new series of paintings,’The Western Wall’ )
2004        Seattle Pacific University, Faculty Research Grant
1998        Art Center College of Design, Faculty Enrichment Grant 1990 California Arts Council,
                Artists Fellowship
1989        California State University Northridge
                CSUN Competition for Research Scholarship and Creative Activity
                CSUN Affirmative Action Faculty Development Award CSUN
                Meritorious Performance/Professional Promise Award




Long Beach Museum of Art, California